Whats the point of a happy horse without a happy world for them live in! Thats why all of our packing is 100% Bio degradable. 

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Simply Natural.
Naturally Powerful.

We pride ourselves on being the only 100% organic, GMO Free and 100% Eco Friendly horse supplement company in the UK.


Pick Your Blend..

choose your blend

horses just love our blends!
Not just for nutrition but they taste so darn FRESH!


Equi Bloom Nutrition - All natural Gastro Care

Gastro Care is formulated to support a healthy digestive system, maintain normal pH levels within the gut and help soothe the stomach.

from £36.99 £73.98

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Equi Bloom Nutrition - Joint Guard

Equi Bloom's Joint Guard for horses is our natural strength joint remedy designed for stiffer or older horses who need extra joint support.

from £31.95 £63.90

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Equi Bloom Nutrition - Lami Aid

A powerful blend of herbs formulated to support your horse's circulatory and metabolic systems.

from £30.95 £61.90

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Equi Bloom Nutrition - Natural Calming Supplement

Calmer is formulated to naturally encourage a calm and relaxed nervous system, to support horses during stressful or anxious times and help them to have a more balanced outlook on life.

from £29.99 £59.98

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